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13 November 2011 @ 07:43 pm
Yami no Matsuei-- Bittersweet-- Tsuzuki + OC-- Session #4 - Worst Nightmare  
Title: Bittersweet (9th fic in my fanfic series, "Ghost Doll")

Author: noizchild

Theme: Session #4: Worst Nightmare

Pairing: Tsuzuki + OC

Fandom: Yami no Matsuei

Rating: R for the whole thing

Nineth one in my series, "Ghost Doll." Tsuzuki has been acting strange lately. He seems to have gone AWOL and no one can reach him. But he resurfaces and assualts Anna, he traps her into a long torture game with round after round of suffering. But for what purpose? The answer is just a demented as the game itself. I apologize to my fellow Tsuzuki fans in advance.

Warnings (if applicable): Tsuzuki will be tormenting my main female OC while possessed. The hardcore violence comes later in the story. This is a het pairing and very different than most YnM fics.

Link: http://www.mediaminer.org/fanfic/view_ch.php/169067/601898/

Chapter Thirty-Four: Silent Flowers:

Silence. Dark silence. She opened her eyes to the cold. This place felt eerily familiar though she couldn’t grasp why. Silence danced in her ears.

I don’t like this already, she thought. She sat up for a better look. A frown came across her face.

This is a morgue, she thought. I’m in a morgue. I’m in a damn morgue! She laughed in more sarcasm. How lovely! How fucking lovely!

But then, icy chill invaded her spine. A low moan caught her ears. Against her better judgment, she turned to her left. A body lied under a sheet. She didn’t want to look, but…

Her hand inched towards the sheet. Her heart pounded to her throat. Closer… Closer…

Her fingers touched the sheet and drew it back. Her eyes widened with fear. The bloated and burned corpse of a fifteen-year-old schoolgirl. The Kanji for Eda-Kimoto and a flower was burned into the ribcage.

“Aunt Yumiko!” she gasped. Then, another cold hit her back. She turned to her right. Another body on a slab under a sheet. She reached forward and lifted up the sheet. More shock filled her. She saw the beaten corpse of a thirteen-year-old girl on the table. Her hands shook.

“Aunt Kirika!” she said. Then came another cold against her spine. She tightly shut her eyes.

No! Not another body! No! I can’t bear it!

But, she took behind her anyway. Daisuke’s beaten corpse floated before her with the burn marks of Eda-Kimoto and “bear” on his wrists.

“Papa!” she cried. Then, her pain started up again.

“My wrists!” she cried. My own burn marks became so cold they burned. Their blue light blinded her eyes.

“S-So cold!” she whimpered. She grabbed onto her wrists. More cold hit her back. She shut her eyes again.

No more! I don’t want to see another body!

The pain in her wrists increased. She turned behind her. They all had the same marks that she and her father did. Her eyes widened in panic.

These are Yasuo’s victims!, she thought. More cold and pain ate at her body. She looked around above her against her better judgment. More bodies began falling from the sky. The flood didn’t stop. The pain crushed her mind as her soul tried to escape from her body to Yasuo’s waiting kitsune.

But then, her body began to sink with her mind into a black hole. Down into…

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